Brights Zoo

Brights Zoo is a private, family-owned facility nestled in the hills of East Tennessee and offers a rare opportunity to enjoy visiting some rare and exotic animals including red kangaroos, spider monkeys (that will capture your heart), bactrian camels, pigmy goats, addax and bongo. The Animal Tour is a guided tour and unique experience that allows the visitor to see the animals and their habitats at close range. Dedicated tour guides are trained to provide educational as well as fun facts about recognizing the animals, adaptations for survival and general care information. Brightly colored murals, beautiful landscaping and spotless grounds make this a special and inviting place. Animal photography is encouraged.

Brights Zoo opened in 2008 and has been providing school tours as well as private tours and is adding new exhibits regularly. Their long term efforts are to expand the population of rare and endangered species and their efforts have resulted in successful breeding of a number of species of protected animals. An on-site gift shop is filled with special mementos in remembrance of this extraordinary adventure, as well as an outdoor patio for lunch and a meeting room to accommodate large groups or corporate events. Reservations for tours are required and hours vary according to the seasons.

Call for more information: 423.257.1927

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